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I am so appreciative of how helpful and committed you were when working with the horses and myself. - Nancy, Eureka Ca.

The techniques that I learned from my experience have been very beneficial to my relationships with both humans and horses.  It was obvious that you enjoy what you do, thanks Tricia. - Audrey, McKinleyville, Ca

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Dr. Tricia Weldon


Dr. Weldon is a health psychologist specialized in equine assisted trauma intervention.  She holds certification under the Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association (EAGALA) as an Equine Specialist, under Girls Circle she is a Certified Facilitator, and for The National Institute for Trauma and Loss in Children (TLC) she is a Trauma Specialist and Consultant.


She started Ananda Ranch (Ananda meaning Bliss) in 2008 to provide Human-Horse Interactions to individuals so that they can awaken their full potential and develop the skills necessary to find and Follow Their Bliss.

Unlike any other program in the world, Ananda Ranch provides an experience that integrates an educational element into the transformational process. By engaging in thought provoking aspects about the feminine, Ananda Ranch works to impact the whole individual by meeting the female genderís unique intellectual, psychological and emotional needs.


Ananda Ranch provides the tools necessary for individuals to remove personal hurdles, ignite embedded strengths, assist in reconnecting with their forgotten and neglected selves, and supports a sense of empowered self-worth.






The Ananda Ranch Philosophy

Our philosophy is based on one principle: Greatness Comes From Within
- By finding strength from within oneís self, you can start to heal lifeís wounds and begin the journey toward a strong and self-assured path.


The Ananda Ranch Vision

Ananda Ranch is dedicated to providing Human-Horse Interactions to individuals so that they can awaken their full potential and develop the skills necessary to Find and Follow their Bliss.


The Ananda Ranch Mission

To help improve the quality of life among all individuals, especially those with physical, mental, and emotional challenges, through Human-Horse Interactions.


Ananda Ranch Values

  • Bring empowerment and an awakened sense of worth into the lives of all women and girls.
  • Lead by example by maintaining the highest ethical standards and true professionalism
  • Inspire and ensure the integrity of the Ananda Ranch vision through continued certification and well documented individual outcomes
  • Strive to promote an environment of community collaboration through shared information, experience, ideas and networking.
  • Share the beauty, grace, passion and the respect that horses have to give.  






Ananda Ranch Objectives

  • Awaken an authentic desire for girls and women to become productive leaders and role-models for themselves, their families and their community
  • Navigate individuals on their quest toward Bliss through education
  • Assist in the development of life skills through Human-Horse Interactions
  • Negotiate a balance in the lives of girls and women through psychology
  • Dedicate time and resources to the movement to stop all forms of abuse and neglect
  • Aid in creative visions that unlock suppressed, hidden and forgotten talents and potential
  • Reconstruct detrimental perceptions and images of girls and women
  • Advocate for womenís organization to collaborate their efforts
  • Nurture community involvement for the benefit of women and their families
  • Collect and disseminate research on Human-Horse Interactions and their effectiveness
  • Head sub-groups that promote women helping women and girls helping girls



Ananda Ranch (530) 925 - 2567 ~ staff@anandaranch.org ~ P.O. Box 363 Grenada, Ca.  96038

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